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Seems to me people are striving to be magnificent without realizing they already are!

~Chuck Jones- Musician, Photographer, Actor and fine human being ~


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The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....The new Nashvegas Insider Is coming December1st, 2015.....

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According to Otis

Let me tell you something. I am worried about the decline of respect and humanity in our country. Here in the last few years it seems the nature of America has begun to change.

Why not too many years ago children in our country were taught to respect their elders, each other and be tolerant of other folk’s beliefs and they became adults with the same values. Why our forefathers built a great nation on the idea that everyone had something to contribute. We were known to the world as the great melting pot because of our diversity but even more importantly because of our acceptance of each other’s differences. Why like all humans we’ve always had a problem with one group a thinkin’ it’s a better than anothern’ and at times we have occasionally allowed that ego to turn into hatred, but as a nation have reached a new low. Why a tiny little group of aristocrats in this country has taken over and bought both the government and the media and they are a using every resource at their disposal to divide us up in to groups that hate one another all the while a makin’ us believe that they are the great saviors of our way of life.

Now if this story sounds familiar but you don’t know why… you might want to get yerself back to Sunday school. They know that if we are fighting with each other we won’t notice that they are a slowly stealing our way of life. Now folks these people are smart but didn’t invent this. Why kings have been a doin’ it fer centuries. Our ancestors left everything they had ever known and risked life and limb to escape that very kind of suppression under an aristocratic rule and they found a new nation based on the principals that diversity and ideas were important and something to be embraced. Both religious and cultural freedom were the center pieces of this new life and even the common man got a kinda fair shake and a chance at a good life.

Now just 239 short years later we have returned to a rule by aristocrats a longing to own everything in sight, both product and people where those at the bottom are nothing more than a pedestal fer these Kings to stand on while the shrinkin’ middle class are the worker bees whose only purpose to the mighty is to pour more money into the countin’ house of the greedy.  They have caused us to lose respect for each other and if we continue we’ll soon all be a fighin’ in the streets and those who are a pullin’ the strings will be the only winners. Why If we are gonna have even half a fighin’ chance to save those principals that so many have fought and died fer… we are going have to forget our petty differences and join up together. When Tom Jefferson wrote WE THE PEOPLE he we was a talking about all of us and keep in mind at that time the number of immigrants likely outnumbered natural born citizens.

It’s long past time for us to quit a bickering about ideologies and start talking about ideas. Our ox is in the ditch and way too may on the self-righteous are a standin’ by watchin while they out to be a helping to pull him out.  It past time that we the people took control again, push greed and corruption back into the pit of hell that it came from and once again become the greatest nation on earth.

I’m Otis and I’m out.

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RFD-TV Premieres "Ray Stevens' Nashville" on Saturday, November 7 at 8:30 PM ET

Rainey Qualley


John & Jacob

Angel Mary & TN Werewolves

Country Music News from CMT

Nashville, TN

NashVegas Insider, Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tenn. (October 8, 2015) - Singer, songwriter, entertainer and comedian Ray Stevens will soon add national television talk show host to his career highlights.  Today, the Grammy Award-winning comedy and country music legend announced the premiere of Ray Stevens' Nashville, a regular/weekly 30-minute music show debuting on RFD-TV on Saturday, November 7 at 8:30 PM ET.


"I'm so excited about my new show on RFD-TV!" says Stevens.  "It's music from some of Nashville's best writers, artists and musicians and it's full of comedy.  Hey, music and comedy... it's what I do and I'm having a ball doing it!"


From the heart of Nashville at the legendary funnyman's Music Row television studio, Ray Stevens' Nashville will spotlight some of country music's most well-known singers and songwriters.  The first season will feature appearances and performances from many of Stevens' friends including Larry Gatlin, Bobby Bare, Tanya Tucker, Lee Greenwood, Aaron Tippin, Darryl Worley, Steve Wariner, John Conlee, T.G. Sheppard and more.  


Of course, Ray Stevens' Nashville wouldn't be complete without performances by the show's iconic host.  Throughout the show's first season, Stevens, backed by his ace house band, will perform many of his classic hit songs including "Gitarzan," "The Streak," "Everything Is Beautiful," "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" and more.


Stevens adds, “I hope lots of folks tune in and watch.  This show is fun to do and I know it’s going to be fun to watch.  I get to perform with great musicians and recording artists and get to introduce America to a side of Nashville they may have never seen or known about.”

Meet CMA Award Winner

Chris Stapleton