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Randy Travis Forever and Ever Amen

In the 1980’s Country music was really trying to go the way of Pop largely driven by a substantial influx of musicians and producers from the west coast.  [ ….. ]

Bill Lord

Music Tradition ...........................

Tradition. It’s how we believe things were, or at least how we want to remember them.
It’s also how we believe things should be.  


T. David Taylor

The Old Violin

When you get to the Nashville city limits sign coming from any direction it says “Music City Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County, Home of the Grand Ole Opry”.  [….]

Bill Lord

In Memory of Cowboy Jack Clement

I guess just about everyone in Nashville in the late 90’s either knew Cowboy Jack Clement or at least knew of him……. except me. [ ..… ]

Bill Lord

Jesse Keith Whitley

I would have to say that it’s my belief that no other genre of entertainment produces as many family acts and family members following the footsteps of their famous predecessors as Country [….]

Bill Lord

My Heroes Have Always Been Songwriters

Yes I know the title to the song is “My heroes have always been cowboys” but I can’t help but believe that it’s a song about “songwriters”. After all, the writer, Sharon Vaughn  [....]

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